PRS Parliament Diary
                                                                            Winter Session-II: February 13, 2014

The seventh day of the extended Winter Session saw the introduction of The
Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill, 2014 in Lok Sabha. Both Lok Sabha and Rajya
Sabha saw violent disruptions over its introduction.

17 MPs were suspended by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha under Rule 374A. As per
this Rule, a Member can be named and suspended for five consecutive sittings by
the Speaker for causing grave disorder by “coming into the well of the House or
abusing the Rules of the House persistently and wilfully obstructing its
business by shouting slogans”.

During the 2013 Monsoon Session, 12 MPs were suspended under Rule 374A by the
Speaker in Lok Sabha on August
for disrupting the proceedings of the House. Of these, nine
MPs were suspended again on September
. On each occasion the MPs were suspended for five sittings. Check
out the productivity of Lok Sabha during the 2013 Monsoon Session here

The Lok Sabha Rules of Procedure lay down 2 other provisions for the Suspension
of a Member of Parliament. Under Rule 373, the Speaker can direct any
Member whose conduct is “grossly disorderly” to withdraw from the House for the
remainder of the day’s sitting.

Under Rule 374, the Speaker can name a member who “abuses the rules of the
House by persistently and willfully obstructing the business thereof.” The
naming of a Member under Rule 374 has to be followed with a motion for
suspension, which must be approved by the House.

The extended Winter Session of Parliament started on the February 5, 2014. In
the six sittings since then, Lok Sabha has lost 95% of time to disruptions,
while the Rajya Sabha has lost 92% time to disruptions.

A breakdown of productivity from the 3rd to the current Lok Sabha can be
seen here
and that of the different sessions of the 15th Lok Sabha can be
seen here

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