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PRS Parliament Diary: Budget Session – Day 19: Mar 19, 2018

Rajya Sabha was adjourned early for the day due to disruptions.

Lok Sabha also adjourned early. Due to disruptions, the Speaker was unable to count the number of MPs supporting the notice of No Confidence Motion given.

A motion of no confidence can be moved against the Council of Ministers only, and not an individual MP. Notice for such a motion has to be given before 10 am on the day of sitting. A no-confidence motion is moved by an MP if according to him/her the government’s activities have not been satisfactory and the resignation of the government is demanded. A debate takes place only if fifty or more MPs rise in support of it. At the end of such a debate, the motion is put to vote.


Last week the Telangana Budget was presented.

Some key policy highlights include:

  • The Panchayat Raj Bill will be introduced for comprehensive development of villages and to strengthen the Panchayat system.
  • Investment support of Rs 4,000 per acre per crop for two crops will be provided to every farmer. Rs 12,000 crore is allocated for this purpose.
  • Rhythu Bhima Pathakam, a farmer group insurance will be launched to provide life insurance cover of Rs five lakh. Rs 500 crore is allocated for this purpose.
  • New medical colleges will be established at Mahaboobnagar, Siddipet, Nizamabad, Suryapet, and Nalgonda.
  • An eco-pharma city to be established in Muchharla in Ranga Reddy District in an area of 19,331 acres.

Our detailed analysis can be read here.

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