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PRS Parliament Diary: Monsoon Session Wrap: Aug 11th, 2017

The Monsoon Session of Parliament adjourned sine die today. 15 legislative Bills were introduced during the session and 11 were passed other than the two Appropriation Bills. Lok Sabha worked for 67% of the scheduled hours and Rajya Sabha for 72%.

Both the Houses discussed issues related to agrarian crisis, floods and the incidents of lynching and atrocities on minorities and dalits in the country. A special discussion was held to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the 'Quit India Movement' in both houses. In addition, the supplementary demands for grants were discussed in Lok Sabha.

Details comparing the legislative business planned by Parliament with the actual performance can  be seen here.

At the end of three years of the current Lok Sabha, we analyse data related to the participation of MPs in both Houses of Parliament (a breakdown by age, gender and region). Some interesting insights found:

1.MPs in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have 80% attendance.


In Lok Sabha, MPs under the age of 40 years had an attendance of 74%, while MPs between 40-70 years had an attendance of 82%.

In Rajya Sabha, MPs above the age of 55 years attend Rajya Sabha more than their younger counterparts.


In Lok Sabha, MPs from the West and South ask more questions

In Rajya Sabha, MPs from the West ask the highest questions; MPs from the North the lowest.


Lok Sabha MPs in the 55-70 years age group participate in more debates.

Younger MPs in Rajya Sabha participate in more debates.

For details and graphs, please click here.

With respect to this session, some interesting trends and insights are:

  • On average, 3 questions were answered orally in Lok Sabha in a day, and 2 were answered in Rajya Sabha.
  •  More Bills are being introduced and passed in the same session, in the current (16th Lok Sabha).  However, Lok Sabha spent more time discussing each Bill in this session. 
  •  9 ordinances issued annually during 16th Lok Sabha; higher than previous Lok Sabhas.

For details and graphs about this session, please click here.

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