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PRS Parliament Diary: Overview of the 16th Lok Sabha

Today marks the last day of 16th Lok Sabha.  This Lok Sabha held its sessions between June 2014 to February 2019. During these five years, 133 Bills were passed and 45 Ordinances were promulgated.  46 Bills have lapsed with the end of the 16th Lok Sabha. The list of all passed and lapsed Bills can be read here

 We highlight below some key trends that have emerged in the last five years:

  • 16th Lok Sabha had the second lowest hours of work done compared to other full-term Lok Sabhas.                                                                                                                                                              

 The 16th Lok Sabha worked for a total number of 1,615 hours, 20% more than the 15th Lok Sabha.  However, this is 40% lower than the average of all full-term Lok Sabhas (2,689 hours).  

  • The proportion of time spent by 16th Lok Sabha on legislation (32%) is higher than other Lok Sabhas.
  • In the 16th Lok Sabha, a no-confidence motion was moved against the government and discussed in Monsoon session of 2018.  It was discussed for  11 hours 46 minutes and was negatived thereafter.  
  • The 16th Lok Sabha discussed more Bills for more time but scrutinised fewer Bills in Committees.         


In the 16th Lok Sabha, 133 Bills were passed, 15% higher than the previous Lok Sabha.  In the 16th Lok Sabha, 25% of the Bills introduced were referred to Committees as compared to 71% and  60% in the 15th and 14th Lok Sabha respectively. 

  • 16th Lok Sabha passed 83% percent of the budget without discussion.        

In the budget session 2018-19, 100% of demands were passed without discussion.  This also happened in 2004-05 and 2013-14 during the 14th and 15th Lok Sabha respectively. 

An overview of the functioning of the 16th Lok Sabha can be read here.

To know more the participation of Members in the 16th Lok Sabha, read here.                                    

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