Parliament Diary

Winter Session : Day 10 : Nov 29, 2019

In Lok Sabha, the Arms (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was introduced. The Bill decreases the number of guns a person can own. It also increases the punishment for certain offences. In addition, it defines new offences and prescribes punishments for them, including involvement in an organised crime syndicate, illicit trafficking and use of firearms in celebratory gunfire. It also extends firearms license from three years to five years.

Rajya Sabha did not take up any government legislative business. Instead, the House took up private member resolutions. During the discussion on matters of public importance, a Member urged the government to declare a climate emergency. Further, he called for a reduction of fossil fuels and coal-based thermal plants, and increase of public transit systems. 

House Chairman Mr. Venkaiah Naidu also asked the Members to discuss the effects of pornograhy and more broadly, social media on children, and to recommend concrete suggestions to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This was in response to the issue of child safety online raised by a Member.

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