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PRS Parliament Diary: Winter Session – Day 12: Dec 31, 2018

Rajya Sabha introduced the Allied and Healthcare Profession Bill, 2018. According to the Bill, ‘Allied and Healthcare professionals’ are individuals who are involved with the delivery of health-related services. The Bill provides for the regulation and maintenance of standards of education and services provided by these professionals. Under the Bill, an Allied and Healthcare Council of India will be set up which will be responsible for framing policies of allied and healthcare services. The Council will also be responsible for a uniform entry and exit examination for these professionals.

Lok Sabha passed the second batch of Supplementary Demand for Grants for 2018-19.  Amongst other things, an additional demand for Rs 2300 crore was made for the turnaround plan for Air India. 

The Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill was passed in the House. The Bill seeks to amend the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and replaces an Ordinance currently in force. The 1956 Act set up the Medical Council of India (MCI) which regulates medical education and practice. 

Some key features of the Bill: 

  1. The 1956 Act provides for supersession of the MCI and its reconstitution within a period of three years.  The Bill amends this provision to provide for the supersession of the MCI for a period of one year. 
  2. In the interim period, the central government will constitute a Board of Governors, which will exercise the powers of the MCI. 
  3. The Bill allows for eminent administrators to be selected on the Board.  Further, the Bill provides for the Board of Governors to be assisted by a Secretary-General appointed by the central government.


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