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Winter Session : Day 20 : Dec 13, 2019

Rajya Sabha concluded its 250th Session today and both Houses adjourned sine die. 

Commending Members for their brevity, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu noted that about 9.5 starred questions were answered orally every day of the Session, a new record since 1971. The previous best was 8.7 starred questions answered orally per day during the 198th Session in 2003. The House Chairman also said that he has received over 80 suggestions from Members on better functioning of the House, which will be taken into consideration. 

As the Session has come to an end, PRS has put together data on the functioning of Parliament during the Session, covering time spent on legislative business, overall productivity etc. 

[2019 Winter Session Vital Stats

Some highlights from the Session: 

  • Lok Sabha discussed a Bill for four hours and Rajya discussed for 3.4 hours before passing it in this Session. During the two sessions of the 17th LS, on average, a Bill has been discussed for 3.6 hours by Lok Sabha and for 3.1 hours by Rajya Sabha. 
  • In the 17th Lok Sabha, on average, 55% of the Members attended a Committee meeting. This is lower than the average attendance of MPs in Parliament (84%). 
  • Article 93 of the Constitution states that Lok Sabha will choose two Members of the House to be Speaker and Deputy Speaker as soon as possible. Lok Sabha does not have a Deputy Speaker after 179 days.

We’ve also compiled data on the current status of the Bills. 

[2019 Winter Session Wrap]

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