About the LAMP Fellowship

The Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship is a unique and an exciting opportunity for young Indians to learn law-making and public policy. LAMP Fellows are mentored by a Member of Parliament (MP) and work full-time with the assigned MP during a given year, starting from the Monsoon session of Parliament till the end of the Budget session. The primary role of a LAMP Fellow is to provide extensive research support to her/his MP for their parliamentary work. This includes drafting parliamentary questions for the MP, preparing the MP's speeches for zero hour debates, raising matters of public importance, drafting private members' bills etc.

When Parliament is not in session, LAMP Fellows engage with policy makers, experts from various think-tanks, academicians from several leading universities, and leaders from diverse public policy institutions through participation in workshops on important policy and development issues.  LAMP Fellows also participate in field visits during the inter-session period for a practical exposure to governance at the ground level.


Meet our Fellows

Aditya Srinivasan
Akhila Bandam
Aklovya Panwar
Amit Agrahari
Anant Mittal
Anubhav Sachdeva
Ashutosh Jalan
Bharath Gururagavendran
Bharti Sharma
Dilip Singh
Fathima  Shakir
Harshit Kacholiya
Hrishikesh Garud
Isha Hiremath
Jatin Jain
Kavya Jain
Maitreya Shah
Namratha M
Nihal Nizar
Noumaan Anwer
Paromita Roy
Pearl Pandya
Prachi Deva
Pramiti Singh
Raghav Katyal
Ragini Munjuluri
Ricky Eapen
Sanjana Aravamudhan
Sasi Varadharajan
Saumya Raval
Shruthi Srinivasan
Shubhangi Agarwal
Shweta Menon
Simran Nawale
Sonali Mishra
Soumyadeep Chatterjee
Srish Prakash
Sruti Kalyanikar,
Tanuvi Thakur
Tanya Gladston
Ushashi Datta
Vasudha Harlalka
Vidit Bhatt
Vismay Kamate
Yashika Choudhary
Yateen D