Rajya Sabha saw repeated disruptions through the day and
could not take up scheduled business. 
The Constitutional Amendment Bill rolling out GST was moved for
consideration by the Minister of Finance, Arun Jaitley, but the house soon adjourned
due to opposition protests.

Lok Sabha also saw repeated adjournments. The Speaker condemned the nature of protests by the opposition members and warned the
members against disciplinary action.

Discussion on the matters arising out of the Indian Premiere
League (IPL) controversy was raised by Arjun Ram Meghwal. However, members of
the opposition argued that this issue should not be taken up as a discussion
(under Rule 193), and instead pressed for an Adjournment Motion. A motion,
unlike a debate or a discussion, requires to be voted upon by the house.

Productivity of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha stands at 43% and
9% respectively, as of yesterday.

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