Rajya Sabha could not take up scheduled business for the day as protests continued.

In Lok Sabha, Prof. Richard Hay took oath as a nominated member of the House.

The Delhi High Court (Amendment) Bill was passed by the House.  The Bill increases the pecuniary jurisdiction of the High Court of Delhi from Rs. 20 lakh to 2 crores. Members participating in the debate supported the Bill and also suggested that a uniform pecuniary jurisdiction across High Courts to be set.

Lok Sabha also passed supplementary Demands for Grants (General). After the debate, the Minister of Finance, Arun Jaitley addressed the concerns raised by members. The Minister pointed out that stalled projects of railways and highways, among other things, required greater allocation. The Minister in his reply also stated that capital expenditure in the first quarter has increased by 17.6% and indirect tax revenue has risen by 37%. The Minister reaffirmed that in spite of global slowdown, the target growth for the year remains at 8%.

Discussion on Sustainable Development Goals began today in the lower house.

The Juvenile Justice Bill is currently pending in Parliament. Our vital stats captures statistics related to crimes committed by children, their social backgrounds and  incidence of repeat offences etc.

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