Profile of the 7th Delhi Legislative Assembly

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Profile of the 7th Delhi Legislative Assembly

The results of the elections to the 7th Delhi Legislative Assembly were declared yesterday.  There are 70 assembly seats in Delhi.  In this context, we analyse data of the profile of the incoming Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and compare it with the previous Assembly.

62 MLAs are from Aam Aadmi Party; 45 MLAs were re-elected from the same constituency


  • In the 7th Delhi Legislative Assembly, 62 MLAs are from Aam Aadmi Party which constitutes 89% of the total assembly seats.
  • Eight MLAs are from Bharatiya Janata Party which is 11% of the total assembly seats.
  • Of the 70 MLAs who won the 2015 election, 55 contested in this election.  Seven of these MLAs contested from a different political party.     Only one MLA who contested from a different party was re-elected.
  • 42 MLAs from AAP and three MLAs from BJP were able to retain their seat.

Sharp reduction in the number of young MLAs

61% of the MLAs have at least a Bachelors degree

Sources: Election Commission of India (; Candidate Affidavits uploaded on ECI; Delhi Assembly Website (; PRS.


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