Petroleum & Natural Gas

Chairman :
Ramesh Bidhuri
Political Party :
Bharatiya Janata Party
State / Constituency :
South Delhi
Member From :
Lok Sabha

Committee on Petroleum and Natural Gas

 Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas  
  • Allotment of Retail Outlets and LPG Distributorships;
  • Pricing, Marketing and Supply of Petroleum Products including Natural Gas;
  • Litigations involving Oil PSUs;
  • Contract Management and Transparency in Procurement Procedures in Oil PSUs;
  • Energy Security with specific reference to Hydrocarbon Resources and Electric Vehicles;
  • Oil Refineries - A Review;
  • CSR activities of oil PSUs;
  • National Gas Grid including PNG and CNG;
  • Review of performance of Oil PSUs with specific reference to financial performance and investments in other sectors;
  • Human Resource Policy of Oil PSUs;
  • Disinvestment, Mergers and Acquisitions in Petroleum Sector;
  • International Cooperation in Petroleum Sector;
  • Review of Progress in Production of Non-Conventional Fuels;
  • Review of LNG Infrastructure;
  • The Challenges and Opportunities for Public Sector Oil Companies;
  • Strategic Petroleum Reserves in India;
  • Safety and Security of Oil Installations of Public Sector Oil Companies;
  • Review of ongoing projects of oil PSUs;
  • Exploration and production activities of Public Sector Oil Companies;
  • Reservation Policy in Allotment, Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum Products;and
  • Alternate Sources of Energy.