External Affairs

Chairman :
P.P. Chaudhary
Political Party :
Bharatiya Janata Party
State / Constituency :
Member From :
Lok Sabha

Committee on External Affairs

  • India-USA Relations – acritical review.
  • Performance of Passport Issuance System including issuance of e-passports.
  • India’s Extended Neighbourhood: From Look East to Act East.
  • India and International Law, including its Extradition Treaties with foreign countries, asylum issues,international cyber-security and issues of financial crimes.
  • India’s Neighbourhood First Policy.
  • India’s position in the ongoing Climate Change Negotiations.
  • India’s engagement withthe African countries.
  • The European countries and India – India & EU.
  • India’s soft power and Cultural Diplomacy: Prospects & Limitations.
  • Potential for developing relations with Latin America.
  • Welfare of IndianDiaspora.
  • India and Bilateral Investment Treaties.
  • Functioning of Missions abroad including Critical Evaluation of Political/Economic/Commercial/Cultural and Consular Works responsibilities.