Rajya Sabha functioned briefly as discussion on demonetisation resumed after six days.  During the debate members from the opposition sought answers from the government on a range of issues. These included questions on the additional measures that will be taken for addressing the issue of black money, the status of Non-Performing Assets in banks, among others. Members of the opposition also highlighted the various challenges people specifically from the agricultural sector, small industry and informal sector are facing due to this implementation of demonetisation.  Proceedings of the house however were adjourned as members insisted that the Prime Minister be present in the House at the time of the debate.

Lok Sabha was unable to take up scheduled business as repeated adjournments continued.

With one week of the session over, Lok Sabha has worked for 12% of its scheduled time, while Rajya Sabha has functioned for 27%.For details on the functioning of the session, please see our Session Track here.

During the week, apart from the introduction of two bills, no other legislative business has taken place.  These two new bills are:

1.The Admiralty (Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims) Bill, 2016. The Bill consolidates the laws relating to admiralty jurisdiction, legal proceedings in connection with vessels, their arrest, detention, sale and other matters connected.

2.The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016.  The Bill regulates altruistic surrogacy and prohibits commercial surrogacy. The Bill provides eligibility criteria for couples intending to commission surrogacy and the surrogate mother. Read our explainer here to know:

  • How is surrogacy regulated under the Bill?
  • What is the eligibility criteria for couples intending to commission surrogacy?
  • Who is eligible to be a surrogate mother?
  • What will be the legal status of a surrogate child?
  • What is the process for commissioning a surrogacy?
  • What is the penalty for engaging in commercial surrogacy under the Bill?

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