Private member business was taken up in both houses.

Lok Sabha passed The National Sports University Bill, 2018. The Bill seeks to establish a National Sports University in Manipur. Several members welcomed this decision however, they urged that there is a need to establish more universities of equal stature across India. Members also stated that funding should be increased to promote sports and to improve India’s performance in international tournaments.

In Rajya Sabha, the Home Minister made a statement on the Draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam. He stated that this draft is not the final list. He clarified that 40 lakh people have been excluded from this draft list.  Further, he assured the House that there will be a certification process to include one’s name in the NRC final list.  

As part of the Private Member Bill in Rajya Sabha, the Parliament (Enhancement of Productivity) Bill was introduced and discussed. The Bill raises the demand for an increase in number of sitting days of the Parliament during session time.  The demand was also raised to have an annual calendar fixed in advance.


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