The Economic Survey 2013 - 14
was tabled in Parliament today.  There was also further discussion on
the issue of price rise in Lok Sabha today. In Rajya Sabha, a discussion
was raised on the deficient rainfall, prevailing drought conditions and
plight of farmers in various parts of the country.

The Question Hour in Lok Sabha was adjourned at 11:20 am today due to disruptions. When Lok Sabha met again at noon,
the issue of price rise was taken up again, with 23 MPs participating
in the debate on the issue. The debate on price rise continued until 6:00 pm. Lok Sabha then passed the The National Institute of Design Bill, which had been passed by Rajya Sabha on July 7th, 2014.
Inflation and price rise has been a major issue of debate in past
sessions of Parliament as well. During the 14th Lok Sabha (2004-2009),
the issue was debated on seven different occasions in the Lower House.
Price rise and inflation was further debated on nine different occasions
in the Lower House in the 15th Lok Sabha (2009-2014).
Discussions on price rise and inflation also witnessed widespread
participation in the 15th Lok Sabha. MPs from 26 political parties
discussed the issue for over 43 hours in Lok Sabha.  These debates saw a
total of 264 participants (not 264 MPs, as the same MPs participated on
different occasions).

Structured discussions on price rise are usually taken up under Rule 193
in Lok Sabha and Rule 176 in Rajya Sabha. Under these rules, a short
duration discussion can be initiated on any subject. However, these
rules do not provide for any formal voting in the House.

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