Parliament met for the 10th sitting of the Budget Session today.

Lok Sabha undertook a discussion on the General Budget and also passed the Demands for Excess Grants for 2011-2012 today.

In Rajya Sabha today government agreed for Short Duration Discussion on
the unprecedented spurt in violence in Gaza and West Bank area of
Palestine to be held on Monday, 21st July. However, Opposition MPs asked
for the discussion to be initiated immediately, which led to
adjournment of the House.

The Finance Minister also presented the budget for the National Capital Territory of Delhi for the year 2014-15.

Both Houses then discussed Private Member Resolutions. At the time of
sending this diary, a discussion on creation of a new Union Ministry for
the development of Himalayan states was underway in Lok Sabha.

Productivity Watch
Lok Sabha's productivity for the first 9 sittings of the Budget Session
stands at 98%. For the same period, Rajya Sabha's productivity stands at
In the first week (7th to 11th July), Lok Sabha was productive for 62%
of the time, while Rajya Sabha was productive for 66% of the time. 
In the second week (14th to 17th July), Lok Sabha's productivity was
143%. The Lower House sat for 100% of its scheduled time and an extra
43% of what it was originally supposed to sit for. In the second week
Rajya Sabha was productive for 63% of the total time.

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