Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha adjourned early for the day as repeated disruptions disallowed scheduled business from being taken up.

In the recess period of the Budget Session, Departmentally Related Standing Committees examined the detailed Demands for Grants (ministry allocations) of their respective departments and ministries. These Committees will be tabling their reports on these DFGs in the upcoming days.

You can read detailed analysis of these demands here.

Some key ministries:

 A] Rural Development:  The Ministry of Rural Development is responsible for development and welfare activities in rural areas. The Ministry has two departments: (i) rural development, and (ii) land resources. The Ministry of Rural Development has the third highest ministry-wise allocation in the Union Budget 2018-19, of Rs 1,14,915 crore. This is an increase of Rs 4,041 crore (3.6%) over the revised estimates of 2017-18. Our note presents the detailed budgetary allocations to the Ministry of Rural Development, and analyses various issues related to the schemes implemented by the Ministry.

B] Petroleum and Natural Gas:  The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is responsible for: (i) exploration of petroleum (including natural gas), (ii) supply and distribution of petroleum, and (iii) planning and development of the petroleum industry in the country, among others. It has been allocated Rs 31,101 crore for 2018-19.2 The note examines the allocations for the Ministry under Union Budget 2018-19.

C] Food and Public Distribution:  The Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution has two Departments: (i) Food and Public Distribution, and (ii) Consumer Affairs. The Ministry received the second highest budgetary allocation by the central government among all ministries. Our note examines the allocations for the Department of Food and Public Distribution. It also looks at broad issues in the sector, along with key recommendations and observations made by expert committees.

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