Bihar has 40 constituencies which will be going to poll between 10th April  and 12th May. 

The performance of Members of Parliament from Bihar is better on a
number of indicators when compared to the national averages. MPs from
Bihar have an average attendance of 87% in Parliament, which is higher
than the national average of 76%. Bihar’s MPs also participated in an
average of 45 debates, which is also higher than the national average of
38. They asked an average of 331 Questions per MP, which is also more
than the national average of 300 Questions per MP. Bihar MPs introduced
0.7 Private Member Bills per MP, as opposed to the national average of
0.8 Private Member Bills per MP.

Members of Parliament have four important responsibilities: to pass
laws, ensure that the government performs its duties satisfactorily,
represent the views and aspirations of the people of their constituency
in Parliament and to approve and oversee the financial proposals of the
government. Debates, Questions and Private Member Bills are important
mechanisms by which MPs fulfill their responsibilities. Attendance
during Parliament Sessions also indicates an MPs commitment to give
effect to his role.

Many of the current MPs from Bihar have filed their nominations for the
upcoming elections. Some highlights of their performance in Parliament
are given below:

  • Of the 40 MPs, 5 were women. 13 had a post graduate degree, while
    15 had a graduate degree. 12 had studied upto high school or less.
  • Raghuvansh Prasad Singh from Vaishali participated in 179 debates
    in the term of the 15th Lok Sabha. This is the highest number of debates
    participated in by any MP from Bihar. Sharad Yadav from Madhepura has
    participated in 159 debates, which is the second highest number of
    debates from Bihar.
  • Syed Shahnawaz Hussain from Bhagalpur has asked 711 Questions, the
    highest from Bihar. Purnmasi Ram from Gopalganj has asked 656, which is
    the second highest number of Questions asked from Bihar. Rama Devi from
    Sheohar is a close third with 627 Questions asked.
  • Raghuvansh Prasad Singh from Vaishali and Kaushalendra Kumar from Nalanda both have the highest attendance from Bihar of 97%.
  • 13 MPs from Bihar have an attendance of over 90%. These are:
    Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, Kaushalendra Kumar, Jagada Nand Singh, Hukamdeo
    Narayan Yadav, Kirti Jha Azad, Mangani Lal Mandal, Hari Manjhi, Asrarul
    Haque Mohammad, Syed Shahnawaz Hussain, Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Maheshwar
    Hazari, Bhola Singh, Arjun Roy, Baidyanath Prasad Mahto, and Mahabali
  • Bhola Singh from Nawada has introduced 10 Private Member Bills,
    which is the highest from Bihar. Om Prakash Yadav from Siwan is a close
    second and has introduced 9 Private Member Bills.
  • Bihar MPs Lalu Prasad from Saran and Jagdish Sharma from Jehanabad
    lost their seats in September 2013 after being convicted on criminal

Further details about the performance of these MPs can be found below, as well as on the MP Track page for Bihar.

MP name Constituency Political party Debates Private Member Bills Questions Attendance Notes
Meira Kumar Sasaram Indian National Congress N/A N/A N/A N/A This MP is the Speaker
Raghuvansh Prasad Singh Vaishali Rashtriya Janata Dal 179 5 508 97%  
Sharad Yadav Madhepura Janata Dal (United) 159 0 42 83%  
Bhola Singh Nawada Bharatiya Janata Party 104 10 398 92%  
Kaushalendra Kumar Nalanda Janata Dal (United) 93 0 457 97%  
Lalu Prasad Saran Rashtriya Janata Dal 88 0 0 77% Participation details for this MP are available until September 2013
Rama Devi Sheohar Bharatiya Janata Party 84 0 627 88%  
Jagada Nand Singh Buxar Rashtriya Janata Dal 83 0 464 95%  
Hukamdeo Narayan Yadav Madhubani Bharatiya Janata Party 82 0 304 95%  
Syed Shahnawaz Hussain Bhagalpur Bharatiya Janata Party 75 0 711 93%  
Vishwa Mohan Kumar Supaul Janata Dal (United) 62 0 411 83%  
Dinesh Chandra Yadav Khagaria Janata Dal (United) 50 0 438 89%  
Putul Kumari Banka Independent 49 0 118 88% Participation details for this MP are available from November 2010
Mangani Lal Mandal Jhanjharpur Janata Dal (United) 45 0 278 94%  
Radha Mohan Singh Purvi Champaran Bharatiya Janata Party 43 0 560 84%  
Sushil Kumar Singh Aurangabad Janata Dal (United) 41 0 362 76%  
Sanjay Jaiswal Paschim Champaran Bharatiya Janata Party 40 0 208 85%  
Maheshwar Hazari Samastipur Janata Dal (United) 36 0 478 93%  
Bhudeo Choudhary Jamui Janata Dal (United) 35 0 448 86%  
Kirti (Jha) Azad Darbhanga Bharatiya Janata Party 34 0 296 94%  
Nikhil Kumar Choudhary Katihar Bharatiya Janata Party 33 0 183 88%  
Om Prakash Yadav Siwan Independent 29 9 319 73%  
Arjun Roy Sitamarhi Janata Dal (United) 28 0 349 92%  
Baidyanath Prasad Mahto Valmiki Nagar Janata Dal (United) 28 0 301 92%  
Jagdish Sharma Jahanabad Janata Dal (United) 28 0 439 85% Participation details for this MP are available until September 2013
Meena Singh Arrah Janata Dal (United) 26 0 406 87%  
Purnmasi Ram Gopalganj Janata Dal (United) 25 0 656 86%  
Mahabali Singh Karakat Janata Dal (United) 19 0 168 92%  
Hari Manjhi Gaya Bharatiya Janata Party 18 0 128 94%  
Asrarul Haque Mohammad Kishanganj Indian National Congress 18 0 56 94%  
Uday Singh Alias Pappu Singh Purnia Bharatiya Janata Party 16 0 562 76%  
Uma Shanker Singh Maharajganj Rashtriya Janata Dal 14 0 111 87% Participation details for this MP are available until January 2013
Ranjan Prasad Yadav Pataliputra Janata Dal (United) 13 2 484 85%  
Rajiv Ranjan (Lalan) Singh Munger Janata Dal (United) 12 0 579 93%  
Prabhunath Singh Maharajganj Rashtriya Janata Dal 12 0 34 81% Participation details for this MP are available from August 2013
Monazir Hassan Begusarai Janata Dal (United) 10 0 23 87%  
Ashwamedh Devi Ujiarpur Janata Dal (United) 9 0 145 89%  
Jainarain Prasad Nishad Muzaffarpur Janata Dal (United) 8 0 115 80%  
Shatrughan Sinha Patna Sahib Bharatiya Janata Party 7 0 66 75%  
Pradeep Kumar Singh Araria Bharatiya Janata Party 6 0 166 71%  
Digvijay Singh Banka Independent 2 0 0 77% Participation details for this MP are available until June 2010
Ram Sundar Das Hajipur Janata Dal (United) 0 0 407 89%  


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