The Lok Sabha Speaker returned to the Chair and the House took up matters for discussion under Rule 377. Members requested that the suspension of 7 MPs be shortened. Seven members had been suspended in Lok Sabha on 5th March for disturbance in the House. Following discussions on the matter, the suspension of these seven MPs was revoked. 

The Minister of External Affairs addressed Rajya Sabha on the status of Indians stranded in Iran due to COVID-19. The Minister informed the House that visiting pilgrims from Qom have been prioritized, taking into account their location and exposure. He noted that the region where Indian fishermen are located has not been affected severely. There are 6,000 Indian nationals in Iran, including 1,100 pilgrims and about 1,000 fishermen. 

Members asked about the plan to bring back Indians stranded in Italy and about the government’s plan to simultaneously evacuate Indians from several cities as the crisis escalates. The Minister said that the Cabinet Secretary is coordinating with States to ensure that all state hospitals have isolation wards. The Ministry is also keeping a close eye on Italy and Iran. 

In Rajya Sabha, Members opposed the consideration and passing of the Minerals (Amendment) Bill, 2020 and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill, 2019 on the grounds that they were added in the supplementary list of business for the day without adequate notice. They also requested that the matter of Delhi violence be discussed first. The House adjourned repeatedly before agreeing that the issue of Delhi would be taken up in the second half tomorrow. 

In Lok Sabha, a short-duration discussion on the law and order situation in Delhi was taken up.

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