The Committee Report on the DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2019 was tabled in Parliament today. It regulates the use of DNA technology for establishing the identity of certain persons such as suspects, offenders and victims. It makes provision for the establishment of a DNA Regulatory Board which will supervise DNA data banks and DNA labs. 

It had been referred to the Standing Committee on Science and Technology in 2019 after its introduction. The bill is listed for discussion and passing in this Budget Session

In Rajya Sabha, the Question Hour was suspended today to allow for about 15 hours of discussion time on the Motion of Thanks to the President's Address. This was done to accommodate the discussion on farmers' agitation within the Motion of Thanks discussion, instead of keeping it separate. Question Hour and Zero Hour will be suspended tomorrow and Private Members' Business will also be dispensed with in Rajya Sabha this week.

While Rajya Sabha saw the discussion on Motion of Thanks to the President, Lok Sabha was adjourned repeatedly. The House will meet again at 9 PM today. 

Numbers to note 

Rs 2,327crore

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare informed Lok Sabha in an unstarred question that Rs 2326.8846 crore was transferred to 40,48,049 ineligible beneficiaries of the PM-Kisan scheme including income tax payees. It further gave state-wise numbers of total beneficiaries, the amount disbursed to them and the total number of ineligible beneficiaries, the amount disbursed to them and the recoveries made.

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