Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha discussed the Union Budget 2019-20 today. The Finance Minister gave her response to the discussion on the Union Budget in Lok Sabha. The Minister in her response spoke on several issues that have been raised by Members of Parliament on allocation to agriculture, inflation management, FDI policy amongst others. 

The New Delhi International Arbitration Centre Bill was discussed and passed in Lok Sabha. The Bill seeks to provide for the establishment of the New Delhi International Arbitration Centre to conduct arbitration, mediation, and conciliation proceedings.  It declares the NDIAC as an institution of national importance. The Bill replaces an Ordinance that was promulgated earlier this year. You can read the summary of the Ordinance here

Later this week, discussion on some Demand for Grants (ministry allocations)  will take place in Lok Sabha. You can read detailed analyses of these demands here

Some key ministries

  1. Health and Family Welfare: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has two departments: (i) the Department of Health and Family Welfare, and (ii) the Department of Health Research.  Our note analyses the financial allocation trends and key issues concerning the health sector. 
  2. Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare: The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare has two Departments: (i) Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers’ Welfare, which implements policies and programmes related to crop husbandry and farmers’ welfare, and manages agriculture inputs, and (ii) Agricultural Research and Education, which coordinates and promotes agricultural research and education in the country. Our note examines the allocations to the two Departments within the Ministry and their expenditure and discusses issues in the agriculture sector.
  3. Road Transport and Highways:The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways formulates and administers policies for road transport and transport research.  It is also involved with the construction and maintenance of the NHs through the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), and the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL).  It also deals with matters relating to road transport such as implementation of the primary central legislation, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Our note looks at the proposed expenditure of the Ministry for the year 2019-20, its finances over the last few years, and issues with the same.

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