Speaking Out of Turn

The idea is not to attempt to solve problems that are intensely political in nature, by throwing technocratic solutions at them. So perhaps an appropriate thing would be to first find a way to collectively acknowledge and articulate the frustration of several MPs, of the presiding officers, and of millions of people across the country. This will take us an important step forward.

It would indeed be a terrible collective failure if Parliament cannot find a way out of the mess it appears to be in, and other arms of our governance system feel the need to step in to stem the decline. There is no time to waste, not on the floor of the House, and certainly not in finding a solution to Parliament’s ongoing paralysis. Fortunately, we will also be able to learn from the experiences of any number of other well-functioning parliaments around the world. It is hoped that the speaker and the Rajya Sabha chairman come together soon to find a viable process that will bring in the changes urgently needed to enable Parliament to become a more effective institution.