Rajya Sabha saw repeated adjournments through the day due to
protests over reported attacks on Dalits in Gujarat.  In light of these protests, the Deputy Chairman
informed the members that a discussion on the issue will be taken up tomorrow.  

Lok Sabha also saw protests on this issue. The Home
Minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh addressed the issue and made a statement on it in
the House. He stated that nine people have been arrested in connection with the
incident and efforts are being taken to ensure their speedy trial. He added
that an assistance of Rs. 4 lakh will be provided to the aggrieved persons. 

The Lower House took up discussion on the situation arising
out of the recent violence in Kashmir Valley resulting in threat to peace and security
of people of the state. During the debate, members raised concerns such as the  12-day long curfew in the valley resulting in a
shortage of ration, the media ban, and the safety of Kashmiri people, among
other things. Some members suggested that a Parliamentary delegation be sent to
the state to facilitate a dialogue process with all stakeholders in the state. Further
issues regarding the need for better infrastructure, economic empowerment, and generation
of employment in the state were also highlighted by the members during their speeches. 

Lok Sabha was sitting at the time of sending this diary.

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