The Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Rajnath Singh gave a
statement in both houses on his recent visit to Pakistan for the SAARC Summit.
The Minister informed the members that terrorism, narcotic drug trafficking and
cybercrime were the main topics on the agenda. 
He also mentioned that he has urged SAARC members to fight terrorisms
globally without distinguishing between good and bad terrorism. He further
called upon SAARC members to facilitate extradition of people accused in
terrorist activities. He also stated that during the summit he urged SAARC
members to approve a Drug Offences Monitoring Desk.

The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Amendment Bill (private
member bill) was taken up in Rajya Sabha. 
The Leader of the House raised objections to the bill being put to vote
for passage stating that it is a money bill. The Deputy Chairman referred this
matter to the Speaker to decide if the Bill be deemed as a money bill or not.

Discussion on Sustainable Development Goals was taken up in
Lok Sabha. 

Discussion on the Bill to
amend the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India was also taken up for
discussion in the Lower House. The Bill relates to constitution of District
Councils and powers of the District Councils and Regional Councils.

Discussion on the bill was continuing in Lok Sabha at the time of sending this report.


Week Wrap:

Bills passed by Lok Sabha

1.       The Enforcement of Security Interest
and Recovery of Debts Laws and Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Bill, 2016
(now pending in Rajya Sabha)

Bills passed by Rajya Sabha:

1.        The
National Institutes of Technology, Science Education and Research (Amendment)
Bill, 2016 (passed by both houses)

The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Bill,
2016 (passed
by both houses)

The Benami Transactions (Prohibition)
(Amendment) Bill, 2015 (passed by both houses)

4.       The
Constitution (122nd Amendment) (GST) Bill, 2014 (Lok Sabha to accept new amendments)

With three weeks of the Monsoon Session over, Lok Sabha has
functioned for 100% of its scheduled time, while Rajya Sabha has functioned for
99% of its scheduled time.

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