Members in Rajya Sabha today called the attention of the
Minister of Home Affairs to the repeated incidents of violence against the
cattle traders in various parts of the country.

The Upper House also took up discussion on the Working of
Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Lok Sabha today passed the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. The
Code creates time-bound processes for insolvency resolution of companies and
individuals. These processes will be completed within 180 days. If insolvency
cannot be resolved, the assets of the borrowers may be sold to repay creditors.

During the debate members raised their concerns about how time bound insolvency resolution as envisaged in the Code will be brought about . Members pointed out that given the pendency and
disposal rate of Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRTs), their current capacity may be
inadequate to take up the additional role.

Further, to facilitate insolvency resolution, the
code establishes Information Utilities (IUs) to collect, collate and
disseminate financial information.
Members during the debate pointed out that the presence of multiple
Utilities may scatter financial information.

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The Lower House also took up discussion on the situation arising
out of drought and drinking water crisis in many states. Members during the
discussion emphasized on the need for water conservation and improved water
management.  Members also raised the
issue of groundwater depletion and steps that need to be taken to check the
issue. Groundwater is the major source of drinking water in both urban and
rural India

analytical note, ‘Overview of Groundwater in India’, presents an analysis of
the groundwater scenario in the country.
 The note maps the indicators regarding
availability, policy framework and some key issues with regards to the sector.

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