Rajya Sabha saw repeated disruptions as the opposition protested
over the Prime Minister's statement on VVIP chopper deal.

Lok Sabha passed the Anti
Hijacking Bill
. During the debate members raised concerns about the
preparedness of the government to deal with exigencies related to hijacking.
Further some members suggested that a specialised force be set up and trained
to handle such situations.

The Bill has been examined by a Standing Committee, and has
been passed by the Rajya Sabha last week with some amendments. A comparison of
the bill as passed by Rajya Sabha and the Standing Committee Recommendations is
given below.

Anti-Hijacking Bill, 2014

Standing Committee Recommendations

Bill as passed by Rajya Sabha

penalty for hijacking (Clause 4)

§   Hijacking will be punishable with death, where it results
in death of a hostage or security

Punishable with death penalty, if hijacking
results in death of any person (including
hostage or security personnel).

‘Hostage’ and ‘security personnel’
may be defined in the Bill.

§   Addressed. 



§   Addressed. 

[Hostage: any passenger, or crew member, or security
personnel on board an aircraft, or ground support staff, who is detained
without consent to ensure fulfilment of some demands. 

Security personnel: any security person deployed or
authorised by the central government to ensure security of civil aviation
against acts of hostage taking, hijacking, etc.]

for victims

§   No provision.

§   Necessary provisions should be included in the Bill to
provide for compensation to victims or their dependents.

§   Not addressed.

of other laws for acts of violence committed alongside hijacking (Clause 5)

§   When any act of violence is committed against any passenger or crew member alongside
the hijacking, it will be punishable under other applicable Indian laws (eg.
Indian Penal Code, 1860).

§   This protection should be extended to cover acts of
violence against ground staff or security personnel as well.

§   Not addressed.

Lok Sabha also took up discussion on the Uttarakhand Budget.


Lok Sabha was sitting
at the time of sending this report.

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