Rajya Sabha today saw disruptions as members from the
opposition benches raised concerns related to the death of Rohtih Vermula, a
dalit student of Hyderabad University last month. While a discussion on the
situation arising in the Central Institutions of higher education with specific
reference to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and University of Hyderabad was
scheduled to be taken up, members of the opposition sought two separate
discussions. Consensus was reached that the issues will be taken up separately

Discussion on the Motion of Thanks was initiated in Lok

The Election Laws (Amendment) Bill was introduced in Lok
Sabha.  The Bill enables delimitation of
constituencies in the Cooch Behar District of West Bengal consequent upon the
exchange of 51 Bangladeshi enclaves and 111 Indian enclaves.

The Lower House also took up discussion on the recent
incidents that have taken place in JNU and Hyderabad University. Members from
across political parties participated in the debate. Issues related to ‘criminalization
of dissent’, the definition of nationalism, social justice, sovereignty were raised
by several members.

At the time of sending this report, discussion was
continuing in Lok Sabha.

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