Lok Sabha passed the Finance Bill today, with which the Budget for
2014-2015 has been officially passed by the Lower House. Rajya Sabha
conducted Private Member Business.
 Lok Sabha spent 47 hours and 40 minutes discussing the Budget in the
ongoing session. Of this, 13 hours and 18 minutes were spent discussing
the Railway Budget, 15 hours and 8 minutes were spent discussing the
General Budget and 13 hours and 3 minutes were spent in discussing the
Demands for Grants. 6 hours and 12 minutes were spent discussing the
Finance Bill.
In terms of participation, 243 MPs spoke or tabled their speeches on the
Railway Budget in Lok Sabha, of which 149 were first time MPs. 176
MPs spoke or tabled their speeches in Lok Sabha on the General Budget
of which 95 were first time MPs. The maximum number of MPs participated
in the discussion on Demands for Grants. Of the 270 MPs who spoke or
tabled their speeches on Demands for Grants, 158 were first-time MPs.

Type of Debate Time Spent Number of MPs who Participated First Timers
Railway Budget 13.3 hours 243 149
General Budget 15.13 hours 176 95
Demands for Grants 13.05 hours 270 158

In all, 374 MPs from Lok Sabha participated in the various Budget debates. Of these 226 were first-time MPs.
Note: The Sitting of Parliament scheduled for Monday, 28 July has been
cancelled. The answers for questions listed on that day would be tabeled
on 30th July.

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