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PRS Parliament Diary: Winter Session – Day 2: Nov 27th, 2015

Parliament met for the second sitting of the Winter Session today.

Kantilal Bhuria from Ratlam constituency took oath as a member of the Lower House.

Lok Sabha today continued to discuss India’s commitment to the constitution.  At the end of the discussion, the Prime Minister gave his concluding remarks to the debate.  The Prime Minister acknowledged the role of all previous Prime Ministers and governments in holding up constitutional principles.  He highlighted the contributions of B.R Ambedkar and other makers of the constitution.

Rajya Sabha today began discussion on the same. The Finance Minister initiated discussion in the Upper House. During his speech, the Minister talked about several themes such as the federal character of the constitution, rise of regional parties, separation of powers, the need for uniform civil code, etc.

On Monday, Lok Sabha will take up government business, while Rajya Sabha will continue discussion on the Constitution.

The legislative agenda for this Session of the government includes 20 Bills for passing. A complete list of the agenda can be found here: 

You can also watch our video on the legislative process which will take you through the various stages of how a Bill becomes a law.

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