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PRS Parliament Diary: Winter Session Wrap 2015

Winter Session 2015 closed today.

Productivity for Lok Sabha stands at 102% while Rajya Sabha’s productivity stands at 50%. Question hour at the end of the Session functioned for 87 % of its scheduled time in Lok Sabha and 14% of its scheduled time in Rajya Sabha. 

This marked the end of Parliament for the year. Our interactive calendar on Lok Sabha’s productivity from 2009 mapping productivity for each day can be found here. To embed this calendar on your website please feels free to get in touch with me.

8 bills were introduced and eight bills were passed by both houses during the Session.

In addition, Lok Sabha passed six other bills. These were related to Indian Trusts, Salaries of High Court and Supreme Court Judges, Carriage by Air, Bureau of Indian Standards, National Waterways and Industries development.

You can find details about all legislative business transacted in our Session Wrap document.

Highlights from the Session:

·         Lok Sabha has been more productive than Rajya Sabha in the last four sessions

·         Rajya Sabha spent less time debating Bills and passed 6 Bills without discussion

·         71% of Bills were introduced and passed within this session

·         14 Ministries did not answer any starred questions orally, during Question Hour

Our vital stats document captures details of these highlights which can be found here.

Details comparing the legislative business planned by Parliament with the actual performance can also be seen here.


Bills for introduction

Bills for passing






Winter 2015





During the Session, committees examining three bills submitted their reports.

Committee reports on bills related to Lokpal and Lokayukta, Commercial Courts and Merchant Shipping was submitted.

The Prevention of Corruption Bill was referred to a Select Committee of Rajya Sabha. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code has also been referred to a Joint Committee.

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