Parliament Diary

PRS Parliament Diary: Budget Session – Day 17: July 31th, 2014

Parliament met for the 17th Sitting of the Budget Session today.
Lok Sabha undertook a discussion on the flood and drought situation in the country.
Rajya Sabha undertook consideration and return of the Delhi Budget.
Rajya Sabha today was unable to conduct Question Hour due to disruptions. As of July 30th, Rajya Sabha has spent 5 hours 25 minutes in total on Question Hour while Lok Sabha has spent 12 hours 15 minutes. In the same time 67 Questions could be answered orally in Lok Sabha while 40 could be answered in Rajya Sabha.
In the first ten days of the Budget Session, Lok Sabha's productivity was at 98% while Rajya Sabha's productivity was at 64%. As of July 30th, Lok Sabha's productivity is at 103%, while Rajya Sabha's productivity is at 97%.

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