Role of a Lamp

LAMP Fellowship provides an opportunity to learn by working with an MP for a period of eleven months. During the course of the Fellowship, the Fellows will get the opportunity to engage with experts from diverse sector and understand important policy and development issues of the country.

The Fellow's primary task involves providing research support to the Member of Parliament (MP), he/she is assigned to. A significant amount of the research a LAMP Fellow will undertake will be Parliament related, such as inputs for bills, parliamentary Questions, policy discussions and committee meetings. LAMP Fellows are also required to provide background research for the conferences and media events MPs attend in their official capacity. While some MPs may delegate constituency-related work to their LAMP Fellows, taking up such work (including making visits to the constituency) is subject to the agreement between the MP and the LAMP Fellow.

LAMP Fellows research topics as diverse as defence, food security, environment, economics and foreign affairs. Research tasks may include

  • Legislative research
  • Analysing data
  • Framing parliamentary Questions
  • Background research parliamentary debates
  • Research for committee meetings
  • Drafting Private Member Bills
  • Media-related work including drafting press releases, preparing interventions for TV appearances
  • Research for constituency-related issues
  • Interacting with stakeholders

LAMP Fellows rarely have a "typical" work day. Requests for research may have varying deadlines - ranging from thirty minutes to a couple of days, depending on the specifications of the MP. When Parliament is in session, the workload is likely to be heavier than the period between sessions.

LAMP Fellows are expected to brief the MP on a regular basis, based on the research they conduct. Fellows are expected to meet the MP regularly to understand his research needs for work in Parliament.