Changes recommended by the Standing Committee on Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2011

(Co-authored by Sana Gangwani and Pallavi Bedi) The Standing Committee Report on the Land Acquisition and R&R Bill, 2011 was tabled in the Lok Sabha on May 17, 2012. The major changes to the Bill recommended by the Committee include:

  • Land may not be acquired for use by private companies and PPPs.
  • The role of the local governments should be expanded and made more participatory in the acquisition and R&R process. The role of Gram Sabhas should not be limited to consultation, but their consent should be obtained at different stages.
  • The Clause giving wide discretion to the government in notifying any project as infrastructure project should be deleted.
  • Threshold for R&R provisions should be fixed by the states and not the central government since sale and purchase of land is a state subject in the Constitution (Item 18, State List).
  • There should be a restriction on the acquisition of agricultural land.  The limit on the acquisition of such land should be fixed by the state governments.

For a detailed comparison of the Bill with the recommendations of the Standing Committee see here.


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Is a soft copy of the Standing Comm report available? I could not access the Lok Sabha site, so I wonder if there is any other place where the copy is available.
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Hi Sir, I need couple of clarification. 1) Government issued executive order to tag 13 acts (Fourth schedule) to Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement 2013. I would like to download the order, but nowhere I am able to find. Please provide the link to download that. 2) If notification was given that the specified land is acquired as per National highways act 1956 on 2013 and date of award is Dec 2015. Since the ordinance and order says the National highways act 1956 was tagged to Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement 2013, whether the determination of compensation would be as Land act 2013? Thank you!!! Kamalraj S

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