Issues related to Paid News: Send in your comments

The Departmentally Related Standing Committee on Information Technology has invited comments on the subject of "Isssues related to Paid News". Comments/Suggestions/Opinion/Views to be sent to: Additional Director (IT) Lok Sabha Secretariat, Room No. 156, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi 110 001 Comments can also be sent by fax or e mail: Fax: 011 -2301 0756 | E mail: comit at sansad dot nic dot in Last date for sending in comments is: January 1, 2011


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CNN IBN, NDTV are always showing paid news to viewer, for example in the recent debate took place in CNN IBN@9:00 PM for lobbying in India is already biased as everyone is speaking to make it legalize, even though they are showing fake twitter id with the biased material to overcome viewer mind. When you already have the judgment why you are passing/forcing to the viewer?
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Thank you for disseminating this information. Here are the suggestions I wrote (taking about 1 hour) and emailed. Sharing it here so that others could make improved suggestions. ********* Individuals that are active in politics should not have direct or indirect (via family members or fully- or jointly-owned commercial ventures) ownership in privately-owned media companies. When it comes to media companies that are publicly-owned, the combined ownership of the individual (and family and commercial ventures) should be less than one thousandth of the total valuation of the media corporation. Note: Individuals active in politics may be defined as those holding either an organizational position within a political party or elected/public office on behalf of a political party. Either currently or in the preceding 10 years. The rules for ownership of media corporations by for-profit commercial organizations (private or public) should be similar to those for individuals active in politics. In other words, for-profit commercial organizations should have no direct or indirect ownership in privately-held media corporations. And, ownership of publicly-owned media corporation should not exceed one-thousandth of the total valuation of the media corporation. In the case of corporations that are considered (by virtue of having a joint chairman etc) part of a larger group, the same rules apply to the whole group. Media companies should prominently reveal information regarding any possible conflict of interest in each news item they transmit to the public or to other media organizations. The conflict of interest could be due to direct or indirect financial gain to a) the media organization, b) the employees of the media organization and c) full or partial owners of the media organization. Note: the financial gain could be a current or a future (within 5 years) one. Advertising spend of the government (and the public sector) should be according to pre-set policies rather than left to the discretion of the employees/politicians. These pre-set policies should be widely published – not just to the media organizations but to the general public – at the beginning of each year. In fact, 1% of the government’s ad spend should be allocated to disseminating and justifying these policies. The financial reporting requirements imposed on all commercial organizations should include details of their advertising spend – which media outlets received what share of their advertising budget. And, these details should be publicly available. Regards, Kondalarao Palaka
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Thank you for sharing your views. One must however remember, that the exact content sent to a Parliamentary Committee is supposed to be confidential.
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Prem: Thank you for comment. As a concerned citizen, please do take the time out to send in your comments to the standing committee.
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I have been observing the media very closely for past 8 years and what is noticeable is the marked deterioration of quality more so with the Electronic media. Objectivity has been discarded totally. There is an urgent need for a independent regulatory authority, which neither controlled or manned by the Government official or individuals from the media. Though there are still a few upright and good people in both spheres, we need citizens from all walks of life who can rule on wrong doing of the media. Laws in place which are sufficient to deter future misconduct such as the CNNIBN case of fake tweets. People faith in the 4th pillar of democracy must be restored.

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