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How many times has the PAC met since 2002?

December 15th, 2010 Esha Leave a comment Go to comments

Between 2002-06 the average number of sitting per year (May – April) was around 19 but since 2006 the average has dipped to around 11 sittings per year. The average number of committee sittings is around 15 per year from 2002-10. The committee met 22 times in 2002-03 while it only met 5 times in 2007-08.

The average duration per sitting has been more or less equal since 2002. The committee has been spending 1 hour 20 minutes on an average on each sitting.

* Data rounded off to nearest hour

* Data calculated from May to April every year.

* Data taken from the Public Accounts Committee Website & PRS.

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    It is interesting, but why is it so?

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