The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2016 has been listed for consideration and passage in the current Budget Session of Parliament. India, as a signatory to the Brasilia Declaration, intends to reduce road accidents and traffic fatalities by 50% by 2022. In this context, we present some data from the year 2015-16 on road accidents, causes of accidents, and motor vehicle third party insurance.

      5,01,423   Total road accidents                 1,46,133   Fatalities               "   5,00,279   Persons injured

Rise in number of vehicles has outpaced increase in road length

National Highways have the most number of accidents/km of road length

Other Roads include rural roads, urban roads, project roads and PWD roads

Goa has the most number of accidents per lakh population; which is five times the national average

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Data for number of accidents per lakh population is unavailable for the state of Telangana.

Kerala has the most persons injured per lakh population

Data for fatalities is unavailable for the state of Telangana.

Tamil Nadu has the most fatalities per lakh population

Data for persons injured is unavailable for the state of Telangana.

Urban areas have more accidents, fatalities and injuries per lakh persons

Population data has been taken from Census 2011. Accidents, fatalities and injuries data is also from the year 2011-12.

Most accidents occur during evening and morning rush hours

Most victims are 18 to 34 years old

Victims here refer to persons killed in road accidents.

9% of accidents involve drivers without a license

Two wheelers are involved in over a fourth of all accidents

77% of accidents occur due to driver's fault

Of which 47.9% are due to overspeeding & 3.3% due to drunken driving

Note: Accidents account for a share in total accidents. The category of 'Other Reasons' includes driving on the wrong side of the road, taking improper turns, inattentivenss of the driver etc.

Some other stats

    77,116   (15.4%)   accidents due to overloaded vehicles             57,083   (11.4%)   of all accidents are hit & run cases          
    1,61,843   (32.3%)   accidents occur during bad weather               98,134   (19.6%)   of all accidents are head on collisions          
   >7 crore   (>50%) vehicles are without third party insurance

Number of insurance claims made in 2012 almost doubled from 2009

Data for insurance claims made, is available until the year 2012.

With unlimited liability, premium for third party insurance has been increasing rapidly

All charts have been created using Highcharts. Icons have been pulled from Flaticon. Map visualizations have been done using FusionCharts. Apart from trend lines, all data is from the year 2015-16.

Data Sources: Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways; Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation; Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India; Census 2011; Report no. 243, Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture: 'The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2016', Rajya Sabha, 8th February 2017; PRS.

Data analysis by Prachee Mishra & Prachi Mishra. Data visualizations done by Prachi Mishra © PRS Legislative Research 2017