View your MLAs activity in 16th Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly (2013- 2017)
Filtered on Rashtriya Lok Dal. 
Total MLAs found : 9
Sr. No. Name Constituency Party Age Gender Education Attendance (%) Questions Asked
1 Bhagwati Prasad Khair (SC) Rashtriya Lok Dal 54 Male

Intermediate 70%


2 Dalveer Singh Barauli Rashtriya Lok Dal 71 Male

Graduate 88%


3 Jayant Chaudhary Mant Rashtriya Lok Dal 38 Male

N.A. N.A.


4 Kartar Singh Bhadana Khatauli Rashtriya Lok Dal N.A. Male

Secondary School 13%


5 Pooran Prakash Baldev (SC) Rashtriya Lok Dal 61 Male

Post Graduate 83%


6 Sudesh Sharma Modi Nagar Rashtriya Lok Dal 52 Male

Diploma 68%


7 Tejpal Singh Chhata Rashtriya Lok Dal 67 Male

Post Graduate 75%


8 Trilokiram Iglas (SC) Rashtriya Lok Dal 69 Male

Graduate 63%


9 Vir Pal Rathi Chhaprauli Rashtriya Lok Dal 55 Male

Intermediate 78%


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